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Topic: Avatar Rules – Open Discussion

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Avatar Rules – Open Discussion


This will have to wait till launch to have an open discussion, but I’m starting this topic now for members to think about.

The current rule is that no images where anyone wearing panties/lingerie is allowed, including avatars. If it is just the article itself with no one wearing it, then it is fine. Please look at Rule 3 on the Rules page.

This is the one rule I’ve been debating on and would like member feedback. I would like the forum to feel different and, in spirit, be similar to what the previous HeWearsPanties forum was. I do not want it a place for people to look for and post fetish material. I want it a place where a significant other could be comfortable on the site and may view it as normal for anyone to wear panties.

Here is a screen-cap of the avatar rules previously for the forum that Hope had established.

Screenshot from 2023-03-03 12-45-45.png

Image posting rules will most likely stay because it is just as easy to link the image. I can be swayed to change the avatar rules to what it was before. I would like to hear what the consensus is from the members first and would like to know how you would phrase the rule.

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