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This is a friendly forum to discuss panties, lingerie, and women's clothing with men and anyone else who wears them.


In 2007 started off as a blog authored by Hope Alexander.

"It was primarily a site where I reviewed lingerie and promoted the idea that men who want to wear lingerie should do so, and be allowed to do so without anyone taking issue with it." — Hope Alexander

In 2010, after writing over what felt like a thousand articles, Hope added the forum to the blog.

"Three years later, and one finds that there are only so many ways one can say 'panties rock' and 'men who wear panties also rock'. So the next logical step in my mind was to turn the site over to the actual men who wear the panties." — Hope Alexander

Over the course of 8 years, the niche community grew.

  • Total posts: 101287
  • Total topics: 6893
  • Total members: 2210
  • Most users ever online was 182 on Thu May 10, 2018

In April 2018 Hope had taken down the blog and turned the site exclusively into just a forum. This change occurred because Hope had lost her affiliate marketing, which was a source of revenue to keep the site running. It is believed that the affiliated company found out she was marketing panties toward men and that it violated their terms of service.

A month later the site went down and all that was seen was a message that the site was broken. It became a dreaded message over time.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years. People from the community reached out to help try and fix it, but to no avail the attempts were unsuccessful. The hope that it was coming back turned very dim. People on other platforms around the internet posted how much they missed the site.

I, Kerry, was part of the community. This forum meant a lot to me. I wasn't a top poster or anything, but I would read everything. Being a part of the forum helped me understand who I was and made me unashamed to be me. I even made a friend with who I would message back and forth with that I have long since lost contact.

In 2022 the domain finally expired and went up for auction. I knew that was my chance to give back to the community when the community already helped me so much.

I'm sorry it took me so long to get the forum together. I know the community has experienced a lot of pain from losing this forum and many others like it. I know there is a lot of skepticism and mistrust for the reboot of HeWearsPanties because of it. I hope though that we can rebuild the forum and community to what it once was.

You can still find Hope writing articles at