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The forum is currently under construction.
Planned launch time is during April 2, 2023.
Member signup is now available early! Please read the forum rules.
No members will be able to post on the forum until launch time.
Progress updates are being posted here.

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Forum Rules

This forum is intended to provide an atmosphere of open communication, where each member can share his or her own insights and opinions. If you have questions or comments about this forum (such as technical difficulties or performance issues), please contact the forum administrator.


1. Must be over the age of 18.

This forum may have content of a mature nature. If you are under 18 please visit This is an age-appropriate sex education site for teens that offers support on the matter, including cross-dressing.

2. All genders, sexualities, abilities, races, and religions are welcome here.

Do not post harassing or discriminatory comments based on race, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

3. Do not post porn or erotica. Do not post anything graphic, offensive, sexually charged, or explicit.

All usernames, avatars, posts, and images must abide by these rules. It is not a place to post links to pornography or erotica. It is not a place for seeking out material you may use to masturbate. The forum should focus on giving support and advice.

Images of yourself or other people wearing lingerie can be sent via private message or linked to on other sites. It cannot however be embedded or displayed on the site itself. This includes personal avatars.

4. Do not post threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, or illegal material.

5. Do not solicit or advertise.

Especially no advertising to selling of used panties and lingerie. This is also not a hookup site for solicitation.

6. Do not post about intentional exposure for the purposes of gratification.

If you have sexual fantasies of being caught in lingerie by strangers, role-play it in the same way people into BDSM roleplay being tied up and whipped. It is never okay to involve a nonconsensual party in your private sexual fantasies.

7. No promoting the theft of someone's panties or lingerie.

There are several reasons for not promoting this type of behavior.

  • It's a crime. (As everyone here knows, good panties don't come cheap.)
  • It's a horrible invasion of privacy. A person can feel incredibly violated by having their lingerie stolen.
  • It's unhygienic.
  • It perpetuates the stereotype of lingerie-wearing men being secretive perverts.

8. Do not share personal contact details, including but not limited to the following:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media accounts (such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook)
  • Any other offsite contact information


Any post that violates the above conditions, or departs from the intended purpose of this forum may be removed without notice by the administration.

We reserve the right to edit any post for reasons including, but not limited to: language, length, or content not appropriate to the topic of this forum.

Older threads or messages may be removed from time to time, to maintain categories or threads of manageable length.

Any member who breaches these guidelines through hostile, abusive or other inappropriate behavior may find their account privileges revoked.


The views expressed by members of this forum are their own and do not reflect the position of the administrator or other members. Each member is responsible for the content of his/her own posts.

Please report any activity which is libelous, inflammatory, or in violation of common decency to the forum administrator immediately.